Mignon SA

Compact, single-axis robotic head suitable for:

  • Single-row panoramas
  • 3D/Stereo panorama & image capture
  • Timelapse
  • Remote camera positioning and control

Suitable for nirrorless and up to medium-sized dSLR cameras.

Price: 299€


100% Metal Construction
The Mignon-SA robotic panorama head is made of precision-machined, anodized aluminum.
It is built tough and designed to last.
Extreme Precision
High-precision motors and movement components provide extremely accurate positioning and repeatablity with resolution as low as 0.06°.
Extended HDR Bracketing
Integrates seamlessly with Magic Lantern and devices such as Promote Control for extended bracketing beyond your camera's factory limits. Perfect HDR captures in full automatic mode, no manual timings required.
Wireless Smartphone Control
Control all functions over a Bluetooth connection from your Android smartphone or tablet. You phone does not have to be connected during the capture sequence and it does not require a calling or data plan subscription, just a local bluetooth connection.
Custom Control App
Control app that lets you create and save unlimited shooting profiles that are available for execution at the tap of a button.
With over 20 customizable parameters, you can configure shooting profiles exactly the way you want them.
Unique Camera Feedback
The Mignon SA receives feedback from the camera during the execution of the capture sequence and uses it to automatically adjust timings and other parameters.
Without it, you'd have to make manual adjustments every time you changed parameters such as speed, aperture, ISO, etc.
3D/Stereo Capture
Dual, opto-isolated camera jacks allow simultaneous triggering of two cameras for 3D/Stereo image capture.
Never Miss a Shot
Dual safeguards protect against missed shots due to full buffer. Auto-sensing system waits until a shot has been completed before moving to the next step in the sequence. Also, allows user-defined max. frame rate.
Arca Swiss Compatible
100% arca-compatible design allows complete freedom to customize & reconfigure using standard arca clamps and rails.



The Panocatcher robotic panorama heads are compatible with most modern mirrorless and dSLR cameras that have a wired shutter release.

If in doubt, please contact us before ordering to make sure your camera is supported.

The Mignon can receive feedback from your camera through the camera’s flash pc-sync port and automatically adjust several parameters.

If your camera does not have a flash PC sync port, you’ll have to add one through a hot shoe adapter. They cost between $5 and $20 and are widely available through local or online retailers like Amazon or Ebay.

One such inexpensive adapter that has worked well for users with cameras from various manufacturers is the Viltrox FC-5P. However, depending on your camera, you may need to buy one specifically made for it.

You do not need to buy a cable, one will be provided with your robotic head.


A sturdy tripod is required with a standard 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 screw.

Smartphones & Tablets

The PanoCatcher control app requires a smartphone or tablet that runs Android 4.4 or newer with a Bluetooth connection.