Universal Multifunctional Robotic Camera Head

  • Panoramic Photography with Bracketing
  • Smooth Panning Motion for Cinematic Video
  • Motion Timelapse
  • Static Timelapse / Intervalometer
  • Wireless Remote Shutter Control
Price: 159€



Multiple Funtions
The Pixxel offers the following funtionality:
- Panoramic Photography
- Smooth Video Motion
- Motion Timelapse
- Static Timelapse / Intervalometer
- Wireless Remote Shutter Control
Universal Compatibility
Platform independent web app for programming and shooting. Works with ANY device that has WiFi and a web browser.
Smartphone, tablet, desktop PC, Laptop. iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux. Works with all modern cameras that have a wired shutter release port.
HDR bracketing
Integrates seamlessly with the camera's built-in bracketing.
And with Magic Lantern and devices such as Promote Control it is capable for extended bracketing and/or focus stacking.
Easy, Intuitive UI
Features a modern, intuitive user interface with straight forward workflow that is easy for anyone to master. No need to decipher cryptic, convoluted programming.
And when shooting, you'll be ready to go within 10sec from when you turn it on.



The Pixxel is compatible with modern mirrorless and dSLR cameras that have a wired shutter release.

Shutter Cable

You'll need a cable to connect your camera to the Pixxel These are inexpensive and widely available at local or online retailers. Simply search for:
2.5mm coiled shutter cable for your_camera
For example: 2.5mm coiled shutter cable for Sony a6300
One end of the cable is a 2.5mm jack that connects to the Pixxel and the other fits your camera's wired shutter port.

Smartphones & Tablets

The Pixxel is programmed and controlled via a web app.
As such, it is universally compatible with any device that has WiFi and a web browser.
It works with smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and laptops and
it is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.


A sturdy tripod is required with a standard 3/8-16 screw.
Supports tripods with a column diameter up to 5cm. To use it with wider tripods, leveling bases, etc you can purchase an optional 5cm riser at checkout.

To use it with a tripod that has a larger column diameter or with leveling bases, ballheads, etc, please order the heavy-duty riser during checkout.

Power Requirements

The Pixxel requires a DC power supply or a battery with the following specifications:
Voltage: 12V-23V
Current: 2A minimum sustained discharge
Connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm male
Most laptop power adapters meet the above requirements or you can use a battery pack.

Battery Pack

An optional 21V battery pack & charger can be ordered during checkout.
If you need a battery pack, order it when you buy your Pixxel.
Due to shipping restrictions battery packs can only be shipped to EU countries and only along a Pixxel.