FW for Update via OTA

If  your current version is 240222 and earlier do not use the firmware update utility  built into the app.
1. Download OTAUploader.
2. Unzip and use the firmware update built into the app to load OTAUploader to your controller
3. Connect to your controller as usual. You will be taken to a page where you can upload the newest firmware (ie version 240223 and higher).
You only have to do this once. In the future you can just use the firmware updater built into the app.

OTA Firmware: OTA-fw240223.zip

User Manual

FW for Update via USB

1. Download the Flash Download Tool and unzip in your Windows computer. No installation needed.
2. Download the latest USB firmware and unzip it. Inside you'll find the firmware files as well as a screenshot of how to configure the Download Tool.
3. Connect the controller to your computer with a USB cable and run the Download Tool. On startup select ESP32 and Develop options.
4. Configute the Download Tool as shown in the screenshot. Make sure you select the correct COM port from the dropdown list and press the START button to upload the firmware.

USB Firmware: USB-fw240223.zip